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Conformal Vortex Generators & Tabs

The Conformal Vortex Generator (CVG) is placed on the leading edge of the wing and other surfaces and produces pairs of counter-rotating vortices in the lower boundary layer. These vortices reduce shock wave induced vibration, increase attached free stream flows, energize the boundary layer, and create suction on the boundary layer. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4="http://edgewind.net/wp-content/uploads/CVG_Airflow.mp4"][/video]  Lift enhancing tabs reduce cut-in wind speed (increases production), increases torque (improves the performance curve across all wind speeds), reduces tip loading and out of plane bending, and relieves root load reducing gear box stress. CVG and Tabs are placed as follows:

Increased KWH Production

Turbine owners benefit from increased power generation across all wind speeds, increased torque for governed RPM, and lower cut-in speeds. The CVG tape also repairs damage from turbine blade erosion and restores performance Reduced Tubine Damaged & Erosion The CVG material provides structural protection of the blades, protecting against blade tip erosion from icing, storms, and contaminants such as salt. In addition, the reduction in vibration extends the life of turbine gear boxes and reduces the need for expensive gear box repairs, replacement, and downtime from failures.

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