Edge Wind was spun out of Edge Aerodynamix to develop wind power applications of the Conformal Vortex Generator (CVG) tape technology that they developed for aircraft wings and helicopter rotor blades. This CVG technology increases annual wind turbine energy production, provides protection from erosion and impacts, reduces drag caused by leading edge erosion, reduces startup speeds, reduces vibrations, and increases gearbox life. NREL is currently testing the technology on several megawatt scale turbines.

 Edge Aerodynamic has developed a Conformal Vortex Generator (CVG) technology that improves the aerodynamic efficiency of aircraft wings and rotor blades. The company has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the FAA authorizing the CVG modification to Boeing 737 series aircraft. The company is currently going through the STC testing process on other Boeing and Airbus aircraft models. For a large airline, the Edge CVG technology means hundreds of millions of dollars in annual fuel cost savings without downtime for the aircraft modifications.