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Sales Focused COO/EVP

Job Description

Edge needs to recruit a sales focused COO with a history of strong customer contacts among the top wind project owners in the United States that were made through either selling GE, Vestas, or Siemens MW scale wind turbines and/or financing large wind projects with a history of delivering over 1 GW of wind projects. This individual needs to be able to build an international sales force targeting customers in a highly concentrated, finance driven business. Should have an MBA and Director or Executive level sales experience at either one of the big three wind turbine manufacturing companies or a financial institution financing wind projects. Should have an MBA, graduate degree, or both.

Location & Travel

The COO will have to travel frequently to meet with current and potential customers in the United States and Europe. The COO should be located near potential customers in either Southern California, New York City, Des Moines, Chicago, Miami, or San Juan Puerto Rico.

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